Celtic Salt: Why It Is The Best Low-Salt Dieting Alternative

If a doctor has advised you to reduce your salt intake, that does not mean that you overlook the entire essence of salt as such. Salt still remains to be a vital element in our daily lives.  Can your body remain healthy without salt? Perhaps this is a question you have to get answers to before you take any step.  Considering the fact that you can avail alternatives to table salt, you cannot just brush off the use of salt as such. You could simply adopt salts such as Celtic Salt as a low-salt diet alternative.

Celtic Salt 300x300 Celtic Salt: Why It Is The Best Low Salt Dieting AlternativeConsider this simple fact. The fluid that is held in the womb during pregnancy, amniotic fluid is salty.  In that case therefore life generally starts with salt.  Our body cells also contain considerable amounts of salt. This is evidenced when you dry or sweat; the fluids which your body releases are salty. With such facts in mind, it goes without saying that salt intake is very critical to the normal functioning of our bodies.

Perhaps at this time you might be wondering, if there are numerous types of salts out there in the market, how does one know the difference between the good and the bad? There are three main categories of salt: processed sea salt, common table salt and natural Celtic Salt.  Here now is a look at the basic features of these salts in detail;

Processed sea salt
Not all the sea salts you come across are the same.  Processed sea salt, or salt that is highly refined is simply salt which has been stripped of most natural minerals.  Due to the processing that such salts go through, they are seen as much better than common table salt.

Common table salt
This type of salt generally occurs naturally in various parts of the world. It is harvested and then dried at extremely high temperatures in order to get rid of anti-caking agents and moisture. It comes with some additives as well. Through the drying process, trace minerals like potassium, magnesium and calcium are gotten rid of. The end result is basically salt that is pretty much toxic and not good for human health.

Celtic sea salt
This is with no doubt the best salt that you will come across in the market today. The salt is harvested naturally and then dried using the wind and sun.  It does not contain any additives or anti-caking agents.  Again, the salt is synonymous to a natural balance of trace elements and minerals.  Research has proved that this type of salt features more than eighty minerals, all of which are very vital in the human body.  You therefore will be able to reap lots of health benefits when you decide to replace your common salt with the Celtic gray sea salt.

Many people love to refer to the latter as a low-salt diet alternative.  Much as the human body requires salt for normal functioning, the salts have to be regulated as well.  If you want to reap from the many benefits that come from the use of this type of salt, you now know what it offers. You can purchase it at the local stores or through online stores.

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